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About Radiology and Imaging

Divya Prastha Hospital’s Department of Radiology is highly equipped with the latest technological advancements and exceptionally skilled staff who are committed to providing accurate diagnosis and radiological services to patients.

Divya Prastha Hospital’s radiology & imaging department is highly capable of performing almost any diagnostic imaging procedure as we are equipped with the latest technological modalites. Our on site radiologists are board certified, We are available throughout the week to provide you with any radiology or imaging service you may require.

Treatment & Procedures

A few mentions of our radiological facilities include:

– Fluoroscopy

– General X-rays

– Nuclear Medicine

– Dexa Scan

– Ultrasound

– Echocardiogram


– Limited Vascular

– Paracentesis

– Mammography


– CT Scan

– Biopsies

– Percutaneous abscess drainage imaging

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Days available : Monday to Saturday
Timing : 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM

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