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About Nutrition and Health/Dietetics

Divya Prastha Hospital’s department of Nutrition & Dietetics is one of the best in the Delhi. The department plays a key role in helping improve the well-being of patients, optimizing their clinical management. Our nutritionists are available in both IPD and OPD setting.

Our department of nutrition and dietetics provides help to all patients referred by the dietetic clinic afterbeing discharged from the inpatient wards. Outpatient referrals are also undertaken by a separate team. Our specialized dietitians work closely with our catering department for patient meal plans, based on their specific conditions. Divya Prastha hospital’s department of nutrition and dietetics consists of dietitians, nutrition nurses, a nutrition administrator and nutrition assistants. Our dietitians are specialized across a dynamic range of medical fields including neonates, pediatrics, gastroenterology, diabetes, critical care, geriatrics, bariatrics and other fields as well.

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Nutritional nurses at Divya Prastha Hospital provide precise advice on monitoring and managing adult inpatients that are on artificial nutrition support. Primary health care teams are also given advice on patients that are facing tube feeding problems. At Divya Prastha Hospital, we understand that diet plays a huge role in improving the health of an individual no matter the condition. We provide optimal nutrition care & food services through:

– Food service management

– Clinical nutrition

– Research & Education

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